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Simplifire - helping the world to agree - web application for negotiating and signing contracts online

Simplifire is a platform created to allow businesses to digitally process contracts. Special emphasis is put on the negotiation phase as the goal of the Simplifire is level up the small contractors so that they can transact business contracts better and more efficiently with the big players. This is achieved by integrating the World Commerce & Contracting library into the solution giving the users access to the collection of contracts and provisions compliant with all best practices. The creation of contracts with Simplifire is easy as a pie.

Simplifire - The Story of Laravel Development for a Startup

When the founders of Simplifire contacted us, they only had an idea of the product they wanted. They needed a web development partner to take care of all the technical stuff. 

Just as we do with all startup clients that come to us, we started from the discovery talk. We wanted and needed to get into their heads and understand their ideas. We had to get the hang of all the critical aspects of the project to push it in the right direction. As a company providing software development services, we are well aware that what the client wants is almost never what they actually need. That’s why our first task is to get to know the desired result and offer the best way to achieve it.

When it came to Simplifire:

  • we clarified the goals and translated them to business requirements
  • we prepared the doable backlog identifying key features
  • we decided on utilizing Laravel.

Getting the business goals right

Our experience with working with tech startups tells us that understanding the goals and mission of the company is critical. If we miss this part of the story, the development process tends to be rather bumpy.

Luckily, Simplifire was very clear about what they wanted to achieve. They dreamed of a web app fostering negotiating and signing contracts online. They also wished to provide their users with access to proven templates outlining best practices. And as a cherry on the top, and our biggest challenge, all of this had to be 100% secure, which meant end-to-end encryption.

The doable backlog

Once we agree on the goals, it’s time to turn them into the project backlog. At this point, it’s essential to balance the number of advanced features of an MVP with the time needed for web application development. 

With Simplifire this step was relatively easy. We decided that the MVP:

  • must be completely safe, hence end-to-end encryption
  • has to integrate with a scaleable library of templates and standard clauses, to which users can add themselves
  • has to enable online negotiations and online signature.

We agreed that we needed about a year of web development to make it happen.

Laravel Development

We decided to choose Laravel PHP framework as it is meant for building web apps. The more we thought about it, the more we were sure that from all the other PHP frameworks, Laravel was best for easing common tasks and speeding up the most important aspects of development. Ultimately, it was the use of the Laravel web framework that allowed us to develop the entire application within just a year.

Laravel framework comes complete with most solutions we needed for building the Simplifire web application. We only used a few other technologies, including TinyMCE (text editor), libraries for PDF generation, and state of the art encryption libraries we prefer to keep confidential ;)

Having said that, we can proudly say that Simplifire is a perfect example of the capability of Laravel development services.

The Outcome

Within the year, our team of experienced Laravel developers completed the development of a web application that was an MVP for the Simplifire platform.

The solution is now online. And the first year of use is available for free. So we encourage you to try it yourself.

The Codeclusive team delivered the result matching the initial requirements and intents. Simplifire users can create contracts with just a few clicks and easily share them with their business partners or internal teams. The whole process is fast, intuitive, and secure. Thanks to state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, users can be sure that their contracts remain confidential.

At Codeclusive, we are proud to help helping the world to agree.

And this is how Simplifire looks:

Simplifire - how it works Simplifire - how it works

"They listen, and they guide when you want them to without ever taking over or imposing a view."

Rory Unsworth, CEO & Founder of Simplifire

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