Conversational AI in Clojure


Lekta AI creates a platform for building a new generation of conversational applications like chat bots, virtual agents, and virtual assistants. In order to achieve growth they needed more scalable version of their framework and implement integration mechanism.

Codeclusive was tasked to remotely extend Lekta AI's development team and help in writing the next version of the platform for building conversational AI.

Our Solution

We have started our journey with Lekta by creating regression testing tool called differ to enhance testing and future development of the platform.

Next problem Codeclusive have solved while being part of Lekta Team was the integration with external services (like Google Assistant or Messenger). This integration was crucial for the existing bots to reach the network of contacts Lekta's clients have developed.

One of the hardest problems we were tasked was a disambiguation in the conversation. The solution applied to the needs of an MVP was a basic one but it already solved a great deal of future challenges.

The big part of our involvement in Lekta AI was developing conditional parameters for bot design. In order to support a lot of scenarios which bots can handle we have developed a custom mechanism allowing bot designers to use conditional logic while creating a bot. This was meant to enhance capabilities of bots greatly.

Last but not the least, we have been tasked to enhance the overall monitoring solution for the platform which would be an important piece for maintaining the platform in the future.

The Lekta Team was extremely satisfied with working together with Codeclusive claiming that we have brought not only technical expertise but also process improvements which enhanced overall development speed. The fact that we were a remote team created a positive change to how Lekta's software was developed.


  • differ for bot regression testing
  • integration with external services (Google Assistant, Messenger)
  • disambiguation problem in a conversation
  • conditional parameters in a bot design
  • monitoring solution for the platform

“Michał and Marcin are exceptional developers and quick learners who not only have a wide and deep knowledge of various technologies but also are a great communicators and team players that boosts the productivity of the full team. (...).”

Arek Flinik, CTO & Co-founder at Lekta AI

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