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Conversational AI in Clojure

Lekta AI creates a platform for building a new generation of conversational applications like chat bots, virtual agents, and virtual assistants. Codeclusive was tasked to remotely extend Lekta AI's development team and help in writing the next version of the platform for building conversational AI.

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What others say about us

“Shrap partnered with Codeclusive to develop a financial services app. The project presented a number of challenges however, the team's technical expertise and honest, pragmatic approach have surpassed all expectations. From design to delivery, the approach has been consistently well considered and well executed.”

James Cummins, CTO at Shrap

“Michał and Marcin are exceptional developers and quick learners who not only have a wide and deep knowledge of various technologies but also are a great communicators and team players that boosts the productivity of the full team. (...).”

Arek Flinik, CTO & Co-founder at Lekta AI

“The Codeclusive team is built of highly capable software developers. They immersed themselves in a complex business domain and foreign tech stack; quickly becoming productive team contributors and violating Fred Brooks' laws of project management. Their X-factor is being especially delightful human beings.”

Norbert Wójtowicz, Lekta AI Tech Lead

Michał and Marcin at work

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