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Custom MVP development

your idea tested on a market

Build your MVP in few months, get feedback from your users and improve further!

Software prototyping

try it out

See results in weeks, not months. Try out what is possible with software and turn your idea into a product later.

Bespoke software development

full blown products

Build whatever you like, however big or complex - we have experience!

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Mobile Development

iOS, Android

Native speed, pixel perfect design, low costs of development - we use Flutter for mobile apps.

Web Development

your app in a browser

Highly interactive, blazingly fast web applications - we use Vue.js for web apps.

Backend development

almost everyone needs that

Almost all projects need some sort of backend - we use Python, .Net, PHP Laravel and Clojure to get you going.

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What We Did

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Thanks Mel - Minimum Lovable Product for busy (wo)men

Thanks Mel wants to empower women to live their life to the fullest. Mobile application created by our team is meant to take the invisible mental load off the women’s shoulders to release their potential.

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Yepic - Tradesmen Lives Easier - Flutter App Development

Yepic is a mobile application for tradespeople written in Flutter using AWS Amplify and location tracking. Our team helped making tradesmen lives easier.

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Fliko - Empowering Communities

Fliko is the property management software answering the challenges of the modern real estate market. Codeclusive helped in building web admin portal in Angular and mobile app in Flutter.

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Flutter Mobile App for Shrap

Shrap helps to solve the problem of maintaining the circulation of coins for business. Codeclusive helped to develop a mobile app for this fintech company.

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